Enajori……the heritage weaves of Assam and native silks of Assam.

The story : Enajori in Assamese literally means the thread of love which binds people and the culture together in a bond of love and friendship.

Weaving comes naturally to the rural womenfolk of Assam, who is gifted with the artistry of weaving intricate and mesmerizing designs on her looms. Enajori makes an attempt to develop the inherent skills of the weavers and showcase it to the world. In the process striving to provide them a livelihood, foster economic development, improved living standards, cultural vitality and community well-being.

Enajori supports and encourages the Eri, Muga and Pat silks of Assam, besides cotton giving it a new dimension with natural dyes and mixed weaves. The immaculately woven pieces of fabric are a sensory treat to be cherished. In a world overwhelmed by technology, Handloom and handicrafts have weathered many a storm. Hand weaving and natural dyeing are time consuming processes that are slowly being forgotten. Efforts are made towards reinventing and reviving traditional methods and fusing them with a contemporary aesthetic sensibility, mosaic handcrafts textiles with a timeless appeal and preserve cloth making as a traditional art form

The textiles are all natural, hand woven and as each bolt of cloth is individually hand crafted, slubs, irregularities & colour variations are inherent in the fabrics/garment.